Powerful end-to-end encryption ~ simple and secure

Encrypt files using FileCapsuleTM

FileCapsule is a desktop application that encrypts sensitive information and files, and holds them in a special file, or canister - without using passwords.

Canisters may be distributed using Outlook, Gmail, Mail, Dropbox, Box, Azure, Firefox Send, or any email or file-sharing technology of your choosing safely and securely since it's encrypted before it ever leaves your computer.

Rest assured that no matter where the canister file sits, only people you authorize can access and decrypt it.

Check out how fast & easy it is to insert a file into a new canister.

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  • Windows and OS X compatible
  • At-rest file encryption
  • No password to share, ever
  • Private keys never touch the cloud
  • Simple & intuitive interface

$4.95/user per month, billed annually

Per-user is for each user (email) within your organization.

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