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Encrypt files using FileCapsuleTM

FileCapsule is a desktop application (Mac and Windows) that encrypts sensitive information and files, and holds them in a special file, or canister. Canisters may be sent via email, cloud servers, or other file-sharing technology of your choosing safely and securely. Rest assured that no matter where the file sits, only authorized people can access and decrypt the contents of a FileCapsule canister.

  • Why is this needed?

    Almost daily, we hear about data breaches where sensitive data is compromised - literally taken off servers that we once believed to be “secure”.

    FileCapsule enables you to ensure your sensitive data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer. What's more, it stays encrypted until the authorized person receives the canister containing the sensitive information. Don't entrust unreliable service providers to secure your sensitive information -- protect it yourself, and have peace of mind.

  • When should I use this?

    Whenever you need to send or receive sensitive information, use FileCapsule. Whether you’re an attorney, medical professional, tax preparer, engineer, executive, or any other security-conscious professional, FileCapsule is for you.

  • How is this different than password-protecting a file or URL?

    Not all files have the ability to be password-protected. More importantly, anyone with the password can open the file or access a URL. FileCapsule is unique and stands alone because it can encrypt any file, and does it by using a combination of industry-standard 256 bit AES encryption, and RSA Private/Public key pairs. There are no passwords to share or get stolen.

    Another benefit of a FileCapsule canister is that it is encrypted even at rest. This means that even if a cloud server is hacked, and data is copied from it, the hacker cannot get to your encrypted data.

  • What if my cloud service provider says they encrypt files at rest?

    Many cloud service providers do not encrypt files at rest, but only encrypt data in transmission — using SSL in a web browser. Some cloud service providers may encrypt a file at rest, but they likely store the Private Keys on their servers. In the same way your files can be stolen, so can the Private Keys. FileCapsule secures the Private Keys on your device, never touching the cloud.

  • Windows and OS X compatible
  • Point-to-Point file encryption
  • At-rest file encryption
  • No Password to share, ever
  • Works with any email client
  • Works with any cloud storage service
  • Private keys never touch the cloud
  • Decryption keys stored only on your computer (and encrypted)
  • Simple & intuitive interface

$4.95/user per month, billed annually

Per-user is for each user (email) within your organization.

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