FileCapsuleTM basics

FileCapsule allows you to exchange sensitive information between yourself and others with powerful encryption.

What is FileCapsule?

FileCapsule is a Desktop App that encrypts anything placed into a FileCapsule canister - without using a password to protect the file. It’s encrypted end-to-end.

Only those people you authorize to access a canister can decrypt its contents.

Encryption happens on your computer, so nothing ever touches the cloud before or during encryption.

Since the canister is encrypted, the canister file (.cnstr) can be delivered via email, or any cloud-based storage service (FireFox Send, Box, Amazon Cloud, OneDrive, etc.).

How does it work?

It’s all about key pairs. A Public Key for encryption, and a Private Key for decryption.

When someone authorizes you to access a canister, they use your Public Key stored on a special server. When you access a canister, you use your Private Key, which is stored ONLY on your computer/device.

This method ensures that ONLY YOU can access a canister you are authorized to access. What’s more, there are no passwords to share, or get compromised at any time.

Who uses FileCapsule?

Users range from Attorneys, Doctors, Financial Advisors, Engineers, Scientists, Accountants, and many others. FileCapsule is ideal for any organization that values strong end-to-end encryption for their sensitive information while it is in transit to the authorized person(s).

Get the App!

All Thetasphere products are available to try prior to purchase. Simply complete the License Request form for the product you are interested in. After completing the form, a Trial license will be emailed to you along with download link(s) for the software.

Request License and Download link

From the FileCapsule page, click the Try button, complete the form.

Check your email

After completing the License Request form, check your email for a message containing your License ID, as well as download link(s).



After downloading, open the .DMG, then drag the FileCapsule app to the Applications folder.


After downloading, expand the .zip (usually in your downloads folder) and run the .exe installer. IMPORTANT: be sure to "Run as Administrator" to install the software correctly.


Launch FileCapsule, then follow the instructions.


If you have anti-virus software installed, please disable it to ensure smooth setup. Be sure to enable it after setup is complete.


Your License ID

After launching FileCapsule, copy and paste the License ID emailed to you.

Your email address

Enter your email address. This person also counts as one of the users (seats) purchased under this organization’s License.


This email address is your email address and not necessarily the email address of the person who completed the License Request form. This email address (user) counts toward the user limit of the license.

This email address is also the one people use to authorize you to access canisters they send you.

Your name

Enter your full name then click the Activate button.

Setup : Verify Email

Enter the Verification Code emailed to you


Verification Code

Enter the Verification Code emailed to you.

Once the code is entered, click the Verify button.

Now click the Activate button to continue.

Setup : Personal password

Enter a password only you know. This is to launch the app and then access canisters you are authorized to open.



Enter a password to protect the app. You will need to enter this password every time you launch FileCapsule. It prevents unauthorized access and is used to generate your Public and Private encryption keys.

Enter your password twice then click the Continue button.

FileCapsule will automatically upload your personal Public Key.

You will be given a confirmation, with a Finish button.

Now click the Finish button to complete the Setup process.

Public Key

Public Keys are used to Encrypt files. They cannot be used to Decrypt files; that’s what Private Keys are for. Your Private Key is stored ONLY on your computer/device, and it is encrypted using the app password you entered during setup.

When someone authorizes you access to a canister they create, they are using your Public Key.

Setup : What’s Next?

Please Read

If someone invited you to use FileCapsule, let them know you’ve installed the app and you’re ready for them to send you a canister.

Otherwise, send them an invite so they can install the app and you can send them something.

Welcome window

The Welcome window is the place to open or create canisters quickly.


New Canister

IMPORTANT: Before creating your first canister, be sure you have at least one contact set up in Settings -> Contacts.


Drag and drop a file into the Welcome window to create a canister, and automatically attach the desired file.


Title Give your Canister a Title.
Note Optionally, enter a note. This note is encrypted, so it's a great place to enter sensitive information like credit card numbers, or brief information.
File Drop an external file here (or a .zip). Folders not allowed. Optionally, use the Browse... button to navigate using a standard Open... dialog.
Authorized Access If you have contacts marked as favorites (starred), you can type their Name or email an it will auto-complete. Optionally, use the magnifying glass to show contact list.

Open Canister


Drag and drop a canister file into the Welcome window to open that canister.


Title The Title of the canister.
Note Any note the creator may have entered.

The file that is within this canister. Use the Extract... button to extract the file from the canister with a standard Save As... dialog.

Mac only: Optionally, drag the file to your desktop or other location.

Authorized Access The people that were authorized by the creator to access this canister.
license-dialog Quickly reply to the creator with a new canister.

Invite Someone

Clicking this option will open your web browser and take you to a page where you may invite someone to download FileCapsule.


Access the Settings area to manage License, Security, and Contacts


Manage your License, Security, and Contacts



License ID Your organization's License ID for the software.
Licensee Your organization and details about the License and when it expires.
Licensed User This is the local user for this installation. Each unique email address counts toward the Seats available for this License.
Deactivate Clicking this button allows you to deactivate this user, free up a seat for someone else, and remove their Public Key from the remote server.



Change Password You can change your personal password anytime. Doing so creates a new Private Key (on your computer), and your Public Key. This is the password you use every time you launch FileCapsule.

Forgot your password?

If you’ve forgotten your FileCapsule password, you will not be able to open the FileCapsule app, nor any canisters sent to you. You will need to remove the AppSettings.json file (below) and then repeat the Setup process.


~/Library/Application Support/com.thetasphere.FileCapsule/


~/User Data/com.thetasphere.FileCapsule/




Before you can authorize anyone to access canisters you create, they must 1) setup FileCapsule on their computer, and 2) you must add them to your Stored Contacts.

Filter Filter your Stored Contacts by either email or name
Favlicense-dialog Star contacts you send often to. This allows you to type their name or email when making a canister with auto-complete.

Lookup a person’s Public Key and add them to your Stored Contacts

Remove Remove a person from your Stored Contacts